Lingerie & Beachwear Expo – Photo Contest

Lingerie & Beachwear Photo contest

make a faboulus Lingerie or Beachwear Photo und win 10.000 Linden Cash

Let your imagination fly…

1.price: 10000 L$
2. price: 5000 L$
3. price: 2500 L

Submissions: july 12- july 20
Public Viewing (the best 30 Pics) : july 21 – July 26

Judging: July 26

Please put your photo on a notecard ( with full perms and please name it your Avatar Name !!! ).

Drop it into the Box on the Lingerie & Beachwear Expo on Vanity Universe. You can find the box in front of the lobby area.

By submitting entries to this competition you agree to the following terms:

1) You must be author of the picture and have the legal right to submit it to this competition with its terms and conditions.
2) Maximum of 1 submissions per person. No Submissions by alts will be accepted.
3) Submissions will only be accepted at the Drop box at VANITY UNIVERSE
4) A jury will judge entries..NADJA BAXTER reserves the right to establish a pre-selection process prior to the final Jury.
5) Picture resolution: minimum 512x 512 (1024×1024 recommended
6) Full-permissions required (modify, copy, transfer) or entry cannot be used and will be disqualified.
7) Do not give the pic to any vanity Unsiverse staff- entry cannot be considered.
{Avatar Name} – {Title} –
E.g.: Nadja Baxter – Lingerie & Beachwear Expo –

9) Vanity universe team members and Designer are excluded from participating.

GOOD LUCK everyone!

Nadja Baxter

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6 thoughts on “Lingerie & Beachwear Expo – Photo Contest

  1. Just a question regarding rule 1).

    Does “You must be author of the picture” mean the picture has to be taken by you yourself, as opposed to taken by another avatar? Or is it enough if you are in possession of a full perm copy of the picture? I ask because I don’t have a computer that can handle Windlight, so my partner usually takes my photos.

  2. The picture has to be taken by yourself. Maybe you can use his computer instead or you ask him to take part instead of yourself. There should be a way for you both! Good luck!

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  4. I have a doubt… regarding item 3)
    I have a picture for the contest.. its resolution is 1024×1024.. but it has a black border at the botton and the top of it. Is it ok?

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