Nadja´s Style Today — New@LeeZu




shape : Nadja Baxter Mannequin – my own
skin: THESKINSHOP (10) (BODY) ‘Toned’ (soft)
face: THESKINSHOP (10) (FACE) ‘Alana’ (bold)
Lips: Deesses Skins: Alicia – lipstick 9
Hair : >TRUTH< Crys – crow
Lashes : eyelashes -38- Classy *redgrave
Tattoo: erratic / koi tattoo / ink shade 1 2
TOP: LeeZU Cloe Glitschshirt (Undershirt Layer) /vintage black by
Pants with heels : Helena High Heel Pants M (mesh,rigged) /black by LeeZu!
nails : Flair – Nail Huds
earrings: R)silver meteal[MANDALA]Leather Fether Earrings/su
necklace : complete[MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/Silver

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